Gmail addresses are suspended

Due to Gmail bouncing all emails all subscribers with a gmail address have been suspended. The system will automatically try to enable them after some time. But if Gmail continues this practice they will be automatically removed.

If you want to receive emails reliably switch to a different email provider and ask to switch the address.

Until further notice we can not accept new signups with gmail address.

Notice to all users was sent on 6/11/22 to provide an update


Unfortunately Gmail is breaking everything right now by bouncing a majority of emails. 
Many have asked what this means and what to can be done. 

If you don’t use Gmail you are good and can ignore the rest. If you know anyone personally that is on this list please let them know by forwarding this email or talk with them. 
Unfortunately most Gmail users will not receive this information because Gmail has decided to keep them in the dark. Spread the word. More information is also on the website. I am intentionally not adding any links here as it tends to trigger Gmail even more. 

if you use Gmail and got this email you are good for the moment. But Gmail has been doing this for a while and you may get an email about suspension again. Best is to reply to that email without the need to change anything or add anything. Ultimately a removal might happen if Gmail continues to behave like this. 

Due to the fact that this is entirely a Gmail behavior and it affects 100% of Gmail users there is not much you can do. Gmail has Zero customer support and no way to contact as far as I am aware. Please let me know if you have any way to contact Gmail about this. 

What is a bounce? For anyone not in tech let me try to explain with an analogy. After all email was modeled after real mail to some extend. Imagine you live in a apartment building owned and operated by Gmail. One day they hire a new manager and this manager is either lazy or evil spirited and decides to mark all mail “return to sender does not live here” if it came from a specific bank. The bank will get all these returns and start to wonder what is going on. After many more trials the bank assumed that person is really gone and didn’t inform the usps about a new forward address. In the hope it was just forgotten the bank will occasionally send a reminder in the hopes that mail is now forwarded to a new address or that mean person stopped. But when it is coming back again and again it’s fair to assume that person is no longer alive or chose to go underground and will close the account. For a bank that process may take years. For an email list this is a matter of weeks 

What can you do as an individual? – – Use a different email address. We have seen a few rare bounces from Comcast and some small provider but nothing on the scale and frequency of Gmail. contact us if you want to change with old and new address. 
– contact Gmail if you know how to reach them. I can provide the details for bounced messages. 
– confirm you email if you get another suspension by replying or clicking the link in that email. 
– hope Gmail will fix their evil behavior and it will resolve. 
– check your spam folder and mark all emails from the list as not spam. It may provide some positive feedback to their broken system that these emails are legit and wanted. This is no sure way and solely based on assumptions. Gmail does not disclose any information about their actions. 
– create a filter for the list that says never move emails from the list to spam. 

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