How to reach the Moderator or list admin

    or send email to [email protected]

    How to send an email to the list

    List address is [email protected]

    How to unsubscribe per email

    Most email readers like Gmail, Apple Mail, Yahoo webmail show an option to unsubscribe with one click. You can also send email with the word  “unsubscribe” in the subject to [email protected] or click this link to compose the message in your email program. You will get a response that you need to confirm. This is to avoid accidental or malicious unsubscribe.

    Why is my message delayed

    You will get a message why a message is not sent immediately. See for more information here

    How to resize pictures for emails

    Some resources found by searching the internet. Not tested. Use at your own risk

    Without Digest what are my options?

    Did my email go out to the list?

    You will automatically get a confirmation email when it was accepted and sent to all subscribers or an automatic response that email is in moderation. Make sure to check spam/junk folder. Check you have used the correct email address.

    Email go to spam/junk folder

    So far this has been reported for many email providers.  Please try these changes

    It’s free and amazing, why is no one responding?

    • Are you sure the message was received and sent to all? Check inbox, and spam folder if message was rejected.  Fix the problem and send new message