To keep they system running smooth and avoid excessive number of emails several rules are in place and will prevent emails from being sent to all subscribers if they exceed these limits. Limits are checked automatically and you will receive a notice that your email is in moderation. Emails exceeding limits described below will be discarded without further notice. Feel free to correct the problem and send again.


Message size is limited to 4Mb. Please make sure to reduce the size of pictures well below that. Unfortunately email lists with high number of subscribers can not be used to share full resolution pictures. Email encoding is inefficient for pictures and size must be approximately 20% smaller than 4Mb. Please reduce size or share them via link to something like Flickr, Google, iCloud, craigslist …. Make sure they are not hidden behind a password protected page. Links to Facebook or Instagram do not not work for everyone. Some resources for resizing images. A new feature has been added if large pictures are detected. Smaller versions will be returned for use to make it easier for users of some devices that can’t automatically adjust size of images.

Single recipient only. When you are replying to a list email make sure do not use “reply to all” if the information is only relevant for the original sender. Reply to the list only if you have information that is useful for many including the original sender. This setting prevents cross posting to other lists and adding others that are not subscribed to the list. And it prevents accidental Reply-All with some email clients that use it as default.

Explicit destination sending as bcc to list address is not accepted.

Moderated topic. divisive topics or heated discussions will be stopped and put on moderation. See Guidelines  and Moderation below.

Emergency moderation if necessary due to spam from hacked account, discussions gone too far, or other critical failures all users and emails will be moderated until normal operation can be ensured.

Moderated user. User not following the rules will be put on temporary moderation. repeated or serious offenders will be on permanent moderation. Extreme offenders or spammers will be removed permanently.

Non-member Only subscribed users are able to post. Make sure to use same email address as you used for signup when you send a message. Alias names, email tags, domain alias, sub domain alias are not supported. A few common and well known alias domains used by Google, Apple are supported.


By default we do not moderate emails. They will be sent to all subscribers with minimal delay. We ask everyone to stay within the guidelines to avoid the need for moderation. Please help us to keep it that way and have a fast and responsive way to communicate with our neighbors.

If moderator encounters content in an email sent to the list that violates guidelines then we may ask privately or to the whole list to stop. If you receive email from the list or a response in private that you feel violates the guidelines feel free to reach out to and we will take action if necessary.

Moderation means an email will be delayed. It does not  prevent or limit the use of the list otherwise.

If we feel a stronger response is required we may put individuals or the whole list on temporary or permanent moderation until we feel it’s no longer needed. Moderation is most common on an individual level or topic but in times of heated debates, out of control discussions/arguments or erroneous information, a “list-wide” moderation may be put into effect. This short-term action allows us to communicate what is and is not acceptable. Moderation simply means that email will be held up until one of the moderators has a chance to review and approve it. It will then be released and sent to the whole list. You will receive an “auto reply” informing you of the delay due to moderation.  If an email is considered not acceptable it will be discarded. Please read the guidelines to find out more. We may contact you to clarify why an email was not accepted. Due to volume we can not respond to all individual emails and may send a general info to the list. Moderation and screening of emails means more work for us. Since we moderators are not connected to our devices 24/7 it may take up to 5 days have email approved and sent to the wider audience. if not approved after 5 days email is automatically discarded.

While on moderation responding to individuals on the email list (example: responding to someone offering a free item, etc.), is not delayed, only emails to the entire list.

We can and will not disclose, discuss or explain all reasons for moderation beyond what is already clarified in the guidelines. We may contact you to ask for clarification if we need more information to make changes. If we see a pattern of repeated behavior, a habit of disregarding the rules or a lack of cooperation with the moderators, then moderation will continue. If the above behavior continues without change or if we as moderators get harassing or disrespectful emails from you there may come a need to part ways. This may not be the list for you and we will unsubscribe you from the email list permanently.

Also a reminder that this private email list is run by volunteers who have been entrusted by the community to facilitate communication in this neighborhood. We will have the final say on the perimeters for this list. We are always open to your input and will adjust if we deem it beneficial for this list.

It is up to the discretion of the moderators to define “respectful” behavior.