Announcement: Email list moves to a new host

Subject: MLN List Announcement MUST READ

Time to Sign Up—The Monta Loma Email List is Moving

We have learned our hosting provider is in “maintenance mode” due to Covid impact and could go out of business any time. In order to keep the service stable and better manage the increased usage of the independent MLN email list, we the list owners will move it to a more robust system.

As a current list member you are invited to join the new list and sign up fresh now at
In alignment with best practice for privacy we will NOT automatically re-subscribe current list members. Please don’t wait! Make sure you are subscribed so that you don’t miss out on any of the neighborhood activities, giveaways, or announcements.
The new list will go live in two weeks, on the weekend of November 13-14, and you will get a confirmation that you have been subscribed.

This list will continue to be a volunteer operated and maintained email list for Monta Loma. With the new host, the list will have more automation and standards to streamline the operations on the back end. The functionality will remain virtually the same, with only a few changes:
• Email address for posting to the list will change to
• Digest mode will be phased out.
• Most of moderation will be automated with options for manual override, vs. the very manual task that it is currently.
• Message size limit will be increased
• Signup, automated emails and much more have been updated under one domain and one website.
We hope this will provide an easier and consistent interface for everything related to the list.

The list owners look forward to continue the more than 20 years tradition of free stuff, fruit and vegetable swaps, and neighbors sharing answers to our most challenging local questions. Neighborhood updates, MLNA events, block parties and more will be announced and organized here as usual.
For more information and latest guidelines, limits, documentation please visit  and follow the announcements on this existing list and on the new list in 2 weeks.
Please check your spam/junk folder to make sure not to miss important information.

Apo & Debbie

want to help? Have some ideas for other neighborhood services?

We are looking for a few early adopters to help with testing. Please contact us privately if you know how to use a variety of email providers, different email programs and/or web clients. Knowing how to check raw message headers and/or DKIM/SPF is a plus. We don’t have access to Yahoo, Comcast, hotmail, Aol, earthlink, *.edu accounts and it could help to test these.

new host has more capacity and we can add more if someone has an idea and is volunteering to manage it.

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