New List is active

New list is enabled and old list will go in maintenance mode and turned off soon.New list will remain in emergency moderation for a short time to verify everything works as planned.

What has changed, what needs to be done.

  • If you read this email its confirmation that you are subscribed. Do not send test emails unless we ask for it. 
  • Remove old address from address book and history. Many email programs collect email addresses and recommend to use them again. If you use the old address it will not work when switch is complete
  • Use new address to send list emails. 
  • Check spam folder occasionally and mark emails from the list as “not spam” Many email providers mark emails from new lists as spam simply because they are new. Please help to train them to do the correct thing. We have not had any true spam on the list for years. Please never, never, never mark emails from the list as spam. If an account gets hacked we will block or remove any account that sends spam until the account is secured again.
  • If you use rules, filters, Smart Folders, automated email processing  and services. Make sure to update
  • If you changed email address from old to new list to signup please reply to this message and let us know. Otherwise you might get reminders to signup.
  • Any questions? Read documentation first. Address is in the footer of each email.

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